10 reasons to choose Loadbalancer.org...

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Anyone who knows Loadbalancer.org knows we're a truly unique company, free from corporate constraints and wholly focused on more than just customer service excellence. Our main problem is communicating this message to the unfortunate few who are unaware of exactly what it is that makes Loadbalancer.org so special.

So here I am going to attempt to convey the unparalleled Loadbalancer.org ideology by outlining 10 reasons why we really are such a unique company...

1. Excellent, personalized, technical support

Our direct sales and support model means that there's no need for customers to go through resellers or other outsourced agents (like many of our competitors). When you contact the Loadbalancer.org support services you are always getting directly in contact with highly experienced engineers, who, more often than not, were actually involved in the writing of the code! This ensures ultra-fast and concise resolutions all of the time. With dedicated, agile, engineers located in all time zones we can provide the excellent 24/7 support coverage our customers deserve.

2. Never knowingly mis-sold

The Loadbalancer.org sales team operates like no other, with a genuine 100% focus on your needs as a customer. This is realized by absolutely none of our sales team working with any form of commission structure. Loadbalancer.org sales representatives do not have any sales targets or related bonuses. This ensures totally honest consultancy when investigating the best solution for your environment. If we think a different vendor is better suited to your requirements we will always tell you straight. We will also always advise the simplest, most affordable option where possible.

3. Free upgrades and money back guarantee

If you manage to reach the limits of your production load balancer we will upgrade it for free! Yes, you heard us right. If any Loadbalancer.org customer reaches the performance limit of their production load balancers then we will upgrade you to a higher model absolutely free-of-charge! We also offer a no quibble 100% money-back guarantee on all purchases. If you are unsatisfied, in any way, then just return your appliances for a full refund.

4. We never tie you in to contracts

Unlike many of our competitors all technical support contracts are totally optional. We'll also tailor all support and maintenance contracts to suit your needs, not ours. If you have requirements outside of our standard options then just let us know and we'll always be happy to work on your terms. If you decide you do not require a support contract then we'll still provide you with 3 years free hardware warranty, 3 years free firmware updates and unlimited security updates for life.

5. Approved and certified by all the big boys

Loadbalancer.org have been working alongside Microsoft for many years now and are officially approved for Exchange and Lync deployments and are always at the forefront of any new Microsoft approval processes. As one of the most experienced virtual appliance vendors on the market we are also proud to be a long-standing VMware Technology Alliance Partner. Our innovative Enterprise AWS product for the Amazon EC2 platform also ensures we are a dedicated member of the APN Technology Parter.

6. Extensive experience

Loadbalancer.org has been operating since 2002 and has sold solutions to 1000's of customers in over 40 countries. Our direct sales and support business model ensures that when you contact us you are getting directly in contact with a dedicated employee who has been with the company for an average of over 4 years.

7. Unbelievably flexible

Extensive in-house load balancing experience allows us to work very closely with customers to provide both off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions. Please don't hesitate to come to us with any new and exciting projects. Our engineers relish the challenge!

8. Wholly owned family company

Loadbalancer.org is a 100% family owned company, enabling full control over strategy and direction. Whilst the bosses may sometimes be a little quirky, they really do provide a truly first-class working atmosphere for all employees. This 'family' feel amongst the Loadbalancer.org team resonates to our customers and helps provide the personalized touch that you just don't get with other companies.

9. Extremely focused target market

Again, unlike some of our competitors, all we do is load balancers. This ensures we are 100% focused on the development and support of excellence in load balancing, with absolutely no distractions.

10. Comprehensive documentation library

With easy-to-follow quick start guides and comprehensive administration manuals (downloadable directly from our website) you can quickly get up-to-speed with the product, even well before purchasing! We also offer a range of application specific deployment guides to make your installation process a breeze.

Hopefully this article has highlighted some of the factors that set us aside from the rest. I could quite easily keep rambling about what a genuinely unique company Loadbalancer.org are, but the best way for you to truly find out is get in touch and see for yourself!