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How to create an unbreakable imaging solution

Calling imaging providers — take your technology to the next level with a tailored ADC

You’re proud of the engineering quality behind your market leading medical imaging system. But now the load balancer underpinning your cardiology or radiology technology is becoming a problem: and what’s worse, it is impacting your customers. As a product manager, you feel that you are losing control. But there’s a solution.

A tailored load balancer can be configured to the exact needs of your application and infrastructure environment – a solution that is simple yet clever, flexible but unbreakable.

What is tailored load balancing and how can it help?

As the name suggests, the ADC appliance is tailored and adapted to meet your exact needs as a technology provider and those of your user base. Using our fully-featured enterprise-grade ADC appliance as the core we selectively prune the superfluous features and services, while conversely, enhancing and adding functionality if required.

The resultant load balancer is fully optimized for your application and environment, powerful enough to meet your current and future needs while streamlined enough to not become a burden for your engineers or your clients.

Tailoring is not only limited to the appliance, commercial agreements can be flexed as well. From basic bulk discount and rebate deals, to more complex subscription and rental agreements, whatever your needs, we are confident that we can tailor a financial agreement to suit you.

Similarly, support can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Some of our partners require us to provide first and subsequent level support for all ADC related end-user queries. Other clients prefer to engage as first line support and escalate to us as required. And some prefer to handle all support themselves – in which case we have developed tailored training programs to allow their teams to excel in supporting “their ADC”.

“Enterprise Imaging — now with tailored high availability”

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What makes a tailored approach so powerful?

We provide the highest quality load balancers for medical imaging solutions that can be tailored to your specific requirements, built to become a hidden component of your product, commercially viable for the long term. By aligning our development, commercial and support roadmaps to your future plans, you can be confident that you have a trusted partnership that will be tightly integrated to your development team.

Tailored high availability - the big innovation at RSNA 2021?

We discuss the positive feedback from imaging providers to tailored high availability

The tools you need

You’ve invested a lot in your enterprise imaging systems, so we’re here to support your product innovation throughout the entire lifecycle. This is a glimpse of what our tailored load balancer can do for you.

  • Deploy quickly – Automated application deployment with a click of a button.
  • Manage centrally – Simplify the maintenance and updates with a centralized management platform.
  • Maximize resiliency – With feature customization, addition or removal, versioning freeze, templating, plus security enhancements and fixes.
  • Scale infinitely – Centralized control of hundreds of instances deployed in any environment.

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Medical imaging customer success stories

Countless medical imaging deployments have benefitted from uptime solutions to ensure patient safety and clinician peace of mind. With over nearly two decades of experience in serving the needs of Health IT and specifically medical and enterprise imaging providers, we can confidently claim to be the leaders in providing high availability to the clinical imaging community.

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Leading enterprise imaging vendor

Having gone through a cycle of F5 security vulnerabilities and end-of-life, it became too expensive to fix the problem. They engaged us to replace the entire estate of 300 F5’s at their customers sites with integrated load balancing for their cardiology and radiology imaging solutions. Developing and integrating a tailored solution meant that the load balancer is invisible to the customer and included a specific feature development for both central and decentralized management to push updates to their end-users.

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Comparing to F5

Which provider fits your needs?

Other vendors may promise a streamlined approach. But without an integrated solution, management quickly becomes cumbersome, time consuming, and expensive. F5
Performance Development of custom features and/or feature removal of unwanted modules for simplification Off-the-shelf complex solution, provided as is
Deployment / Maintenance Centralized management platform for automated deployments and maintenance of an unlimited number of instances Qualified F5 consultants required for basic changes and updates
Pricing Licensing flexibility for increased margins and revenue opportunities Standard pricing models
Security Lower security risks with feature removal, centralized updates, white labelling Regular vulnerabilities to be dealt with onsite
Support 24/7 global and tierless custom support frameworks of unmatched value Standard support
Future planning Alignment of development roadmap to support GTM strategies End-of-life which can be announced at any point

Migrating from F5

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