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Learn how a tailored ADC can change your business model for the better

Technology Providers — take your solutions to the next level with tailored load balancing

As a technology and/or software provider you’ve created an outstanding, market-leading product. But in today’s competitive business environment that’s not enough, your clients expect your technology to be always available, easily scalable and fully resilient to external threats.

That’s where load balancing or application delivery controllers come in, a modern ADC solution can ensure that your product is highly available, can be quickly scaled and is secure against threats such as DDoS attacks. Great — job done.

But wait how do you go to market? 

We typically see a number of common scenarios…

It’s not my problem!

Supply a high-end ADC with your product

Specify/recommend a high-end ADC

The DIY integrated load balancer

There is another way

“Tailored load balancing”

Tailored load balancing is now gaining traction as software architects, product managers, and business leaders all realize this disruptive approach is a better way.

A better way to keep your applications running, a better way to keep things simple with a tailored GUI, a better way to support your client’s needs and a better way to allow you to focus on your core product offering.

“Some of our clients have described this new approach as like having their very own HA division”

Ready to experience tailored load balancing?

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So what is tailored load balancing and how can it help?

As the name suggests, the ADC appliance is tailored and adapted to meet your exact needs as a technology provider and those of your user base. Using our fully-featured enterprise-grade ADC appliance as the core we selectively prune the superfluous features and services, while conversely, enhancing and adding functionality if required.

The resultant load balancer is fully optimized for your application and environment, powerful enough to meet your current and future needs while streamlined enough to not become a burden for your engineers or your clients.  

Tailoring is not only limited to the appliance, commercial agreements can be flexed as well. From basic bulk discount and rebate deals, to more complex subscription and rental agreements, whatever your needs, we are confident that we can tailor a financial agreement to suit you.

Similarly, support can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Some of our partners require us to provide first and subsequent level support for all ADC related end-user queries. Other clients prefer to engage as first line support and escalate to us as required. And some prefer to handle all support themselves – in which case we have developed tailored training programs to allow their teams to excel in supporting “their ADC”.

Ready to experience tailored load balancing?

How to start the journey

Many of our clients don’t necessarily want to jump straight into bed with us, and that’s fine. We have established a simple multi-level process, where technology providers can choose the best entry point for their own specific needs. We are focused on one thing: helping your end-users make the most of your technology. If you’re not ready for a full integration, we can be involved in any part of your journey

We research, test and validate our solution for the application. We also provide bespoke documentation to assist with deployment.

Combining our product with the technology delivers enhanced value for the end-user. You can recommend our solution and we will work with the end-user for faster deployment.


We liaise with resellers, provide the commercial incentives as well as education and training about our products and how it integrates seamlessly with your technology.

We develop tailored load balancers that integrate tightly with your technology so they become one solution for the end-user.

Why use our OEM solutions?

Because it’s what we do!

Our core business model is built around providing tailored partner solutions. And for many of our clients that partnership journey culminates in an OEM solution. So what can you expect from a tailored OEM partnership? The beauty of our approach is that we can flex to meet your specific needs.

That said, here are some examples of what you should expect..

Seamless integration

A tailored solution

Easy to deploy, simple to maintain

Maximize resiliency

Manage centrally, deploy quickly

Aligned development roadmaps

Ready to experience tailored load balancing?

Why not start a conversion with us and find out how a tailored ADC can boost your business’s performance

Delivering tailored experiences across all industries

Organizations across all sectors are empowering their end-users with awesome technologies. When using as their HA division, they are able to focus on delivering the world-class solutions their customers demand, free in the knowledge that their products are highly available, secure and ready to scale to their customers needs.