Hardware ADC

Ultimate performance from hardware ADCs

Maximize the impact of your user experience.

Maximize the impact of your user experience.

Flexibility as standard

Don’t see the exact configuration you need?

Please contact us – we’re able to create custom solutions at little or no extra cost.

  • Our product range offers connectivity from 1GbE to 100GbE, plus bespoke options
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Advanced Layer 4/7 load balancing

Powerful, highly customizable solution which includes automated configuration, content routing and caching, DSR, Layer 7 content switching, VLAN tagging, and many other features. 

Fully integrated WAF and GSLB

Secure, OWASP top 10-compliant Web Application Firewall protects your mission-critical services, while Global Server Load Balancing as standard ensures resilient multi-site deployments.

SSL acceleration and offload

Unlimited support for SSL certificates, as well as support for third-party certificates and automated SSL certificate chaining. 

High-performing, scalable and cost effective

High availability enables easy management without impacting your environment – update infrastructure assets without disruption, and enjoy limitless scalability.

Effortless and consistent multi-site deployments

Load balance and scale across on-premise, hybrid, or cloud environments. World-class documentation and an intuitive web interface ensure simple setup, configuration and management.

Secure, resilient and intelligent platform

Ensure uptime and protect your applications with enhanced features including seamless failover, customizable health checks, session persistence, WAF, and more. 

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