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High Availability

The primary function of a load balancer is to guarantee high-availability


While making software patching and security updates painless


And of course, a load balancer makes your system lightning-fast

Working together to make your systems unbreakable


Expert advice to help design and simplify your architecture


Working with you to ensure everything goes to plan


Supporting your business, not just your load balancer

When your product is mission-critical — you can trust us

Product Managers trust us with their mission-critical systems. Find out why, by using our free consultancy service. Lets work together to make your solution unbreakable. And avoid the excruciating pain that downtime inflicts on you — and your customers.

'Whilst cost was a factor — the main driver for us was simplicity. Partnering with Loadbalancer.org has hugely simplified deployment and the rare support issues can now be fixed by anyone. They have helped us implement the same system on hundreds of our customer sites.'

Thierry Verstraete, Carestream - Product Manager

With 14,000 deployments in 74 countries over 15 years — you can count on us

You need a partner that makes sure your application never breaks — obvious really isn't it? Don't you want someone who understands the potential problems? Suggests new answers and, more importantly — explains why to do it that way. Why not choose a partner you can trust?

Nice image of a hardware load balancer device
Nice image of a hardware load balancer device


4.89 Average
501 Reviews
Jason Bennett, Fujifilm Medical

A simple, stable load balancer is vital for medical imaging systems, and that’s what we get

I can’t think of a single incident caused by a Loadbalancer.org product, on any customer site, since we installed the first one more than twelve months ago. Whenever we have had any questions, Loadbalancer.org has been quick to respond. I’ve only got positive things to say about the company

Jake Surdal, Network Engineer, Fiserv

Loadbalancer.org demonstrates 100% commitment to our business every day

With their responsiveness, technical ability and virtualized solutions, they have given us the complete package. From the outset of the partnership, Loadbalancer.org has invested time and money in helping us succeed

Paul Taylor, Durham County Council

Secure with regular feature updates - A load balancer solution without added complexity

A product that is updated regularly with new features and security updates that makes managing a load balancer no more complicated than it needs to be. The company has a team of knowledgeable support staff who go the extra mile to help the customer in a timely and professional fashion.

Paul Cottingham, ASOS

Cost effective while at the same time offering the fault tolerance level ASOS needed.

The two Enterprise MAX high availability clustered pairs we bought were hugely cost effective while at the same time offering the fault tolerance level ASOS needed to give the confidence to commit to the service levels ASOS aims to provide its customer base.

Systems Programmer, Energy and utilities industry

Come for the budget-friendly hardware and software, stay for the world-class support!

We were pleasantly surprised at the distance Loadbalancer.org are willing to go in order to make our project a success. Their product fit the budget, but we will be staying with them because they support it. For simple load balancer devices, Loadbalancer.org cannot be beaten!

IT Manager at a tech vendor

Load balancing and redundancy makes our network more reliable.

I think they have very nice upgrade offers. When you start small, you can take the smaller version, and if your company is hopefully expanding, you can always choose an upgraded version. I would say it's a 10 out of 10, because it does exactly what it needs to do and that's what you want from a product.

IT Manager, Healthcare industry.

Great solution that works reliably, offers great support and is well priced.

Always responsive to our needs. Loadbalancer.org was accommodating to our custom configuration needs and supported us through implementation.

Tony Albus, SoftWear

The appliances are very reliable and their service is great!

We are a happy customer of Loadbalancer.org, The appliances are very reliable and their service is great. The support department responds very quick and know what they talk about. It will be Loadbalancer.org for us, to keep our network up. Thanks guys!

Sean Garrity, HostingAdvice

Load balancing helps modern organizations compete through high uptime and performance rates.

While other load balancers have come and gone, Loadbalancer.org has differentiated itself with its honesty, responsive customer service, fair prices and high performance. But it's Loadbalancer.org's zero downtime promise that brings peace of mind to its customers.

IT Infrastructure Architect

Easy and quick implementation backed up by excellent support

The support is amongst the best that I have experienced. Their response is always swift and the people show a high level of knowledge of the product. They are very open with the information that they publish on the product and implementation guides for a number of different scenarios have proven invaluable.

Marc Weimann, Bezirk Mittelfranken

Top solution with a good and fast support.

The installation and configuration of the Loadbalancer.org Virtual Appliance, is easy. The web interface is cleanly designed and reacts quickly. If a real server fails, the failover works seamless to another.

Chris Dow, Systems Programmer, Utilities Company

Their pricing scheme is easy and inexpensive

For load balancers, these guys are perfect. Tell the sales guys at Loadbalancer.org your needs, but do your research. Set up a trial device. Make sure you do not need a more full-featured product. Loadbalancer.org is improving their product all the time.

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