The Loadbalancer ADC Portal backstory: vendor-agnostic centralized management

The Loadbalancer ADC Portal backstory: vendor-agnostic centralized management

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Our approach to software development has always been to listen to what our end users and technology providers are saying to us, and develop products that solve their specific issues. And the Loadbalancer ADC Portal is no exception.

Here's what our customers were telling us they needed. And how we responded.

Our customers wanted better visibility

So much in life is more complicated than it needs to be. Your kid's school admin, booking a holiday, changing your bank... And software is no exception. Most of the software we use today is packed, layer upon layer, into an ever burgeoning suitcase of modern and legacy solutions, creating substantial overlap, and a mish-mash of items that were never designed to be thrown together.

Take ADCs for example. It is common practice for large organizations to use a variety of different load balancers, provided by a long list of different vendors.

Each vendor has its own exclusive log-in page, access controls, passwords etc. etc.  That amounts to a lot of extra time spent trying to find, and then monitor, each ADC.

And if you can't easily see all the ADCs in your estate, then you run the risk of potentially neglecting to take necessary action, introducing vulnerabilities. The ask? Give us greater visibility of what's ours.

Our customers wanted better control

The more ADCs you have in your estate, the more complex managing what you already have becomes. Even if you have full visibility of your ADC estate, proactively managing these can be a full-time job. With multiple ADCs, and multiple vendors pumping out regular updates and security patches, keeping your software up-to-date can mean needing to install a new security update before you've had time to install the previous one across all your sites!

Our customers were telling us they wanted to be able to control all of their ADCs from a single location, and deploy updates remotely.

For example, one of our technology partners was having issues managing their estate of F5 load balancers, which required regular, onsite security updates (that could only be performed by a Qualified F5 engineer, due to the complexity of their software...). This meant it was taking this customer a full two months to install a single security update across their entire ADC suite, which was incredibly time-consuming — not to mention expensive! The ask? Give us more control of our ADCs.

Our customers wanted a vendor-agnostic solution

The majority of software is vendor-specific. For obvious reasons. But this doesn't do those who have to maintain it all any favors.

The challenge was therefore to create a centralized management platform, from which our customers could manage all of their ADCs — regardless of vendor.

The more ADC vendors in play at any one time, the more complicated things get. What was the point, therefore, in paying over the odds for a centralized management platform that only served the ADCs produced by that same vendor? The potential benefits to the end user multiply substantially the more ADCs and vendors there to manage at any one time. The ask? Give us a vendor-agnostic ADC centralized management platform.

The Loadbalancer ADC Portal

No surprise then that we took all of this on board, we came up with a product to take away these issues: the Loadbalancer ADC Portal!

More efficient ADC management's software development philosophy is to create products that are intuitive. We don't believe in introducing unnecessary complexity, so we developed the Loadbalancer ADC Portal to be super simple to use, whilst also clever enough to serve the fundamental purpose for which it was designed — to save time.

More affordable ADC management

Unlike many centralized management platforms on the market, our tailored pricing and licensing means there's a solution for every budget and need. This makes the Loadbalancer ADC Portal one of the most affordable on the market.

More secure ADC management

Watertight security is always our starting point when it comes to product development. That's why we baked in full end-to-end security, using state-of-the-art cryptographic technology, combined with role based access. This means you’re always the one in control.

The Loadbalancer ADC Portal: unrivalled in the market

The Loadbalancer ADC Portal was driven by customer need. Unlike any other ADC centralized management software on the market currently, it is vendor-agnostic, offering huge time-savings; with streamlined, remote updates to large numbers of load balancers, all from a single window.

If this sounds like something you might benefit from, why not book a meeting with one of our technical experts to find out more?

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