FitMetrix implements in AWS

FitMetrix implements in AWS

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FitMetrix is a fitness and health software company. Designed for gyms, studios, corporate wellness programs and health care professionals, their group training and personal training platforms help drive results and retention.



The fitness industry is changing. FitMetrix is driven by innovating the fitness technology landscape, and bringing their clients the best experience in the market. As technology continues to change the fitness and wellness industry, the FitMetrix team is always pushing the envelope. Never happy with the norm, the team is encouraged to listen to their clients and bring creative solutions to real world problems.

As leaders in fitness technology, FitMetrix chose the market leading cloud platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), for running their IT infrastructure. For the first couple of years they used alternative load balancing solutions but with an ever-increasing volume of IOT devices transmitting at a high frequency to the cloud from across the globe, they needed a more robust and scalable solution.

There was also a very specific problem whereby, when using UDP, their previous load balancer would send all traffic to one server. This created a bottleneck which needed fixing.

Solution provides FitMetrix with an intelligent application delivery controller that is built on 15 years of battle‑hardened software, with 9 years expertise in making applications within AWS indestructible.

The Load Balancer ADC for AWS provides advanced Layer 4 / 7 load balancing, automatically distributing incoming application traffic across multiple Amazon EC2 instances in a single AWS availability zone or across multiple zones. It enables you to achieve even greater fault tolerance in your applications, seamlessly providing the amount of load balancing capacity needed in response to incoming application traffic. Customers can distribute traffic on the internal Amazon network (saving bandwidth costs) or to any accessible Internet address. By detecting unhealthy instances within a pool it automatically reroutes traffic to healthy instances until the unhealthy instances have been restored.

"We chose last year after working with prior providers for the prior 2 years. Our specific use case was to only balance UDP traffic, but more importantly, we needed it to work in a round robin format as each packet is distinct from the prior. said they could handle both the load and the use case, and they definitely were correct!"

Josh Lloyd CTO / Co-Founder - FitMetrix

By utilizing's One Packet Scheduler (OPS) FitMetrix were able to intelligently load balance their UDP traffic.


The primary benefit of moving to in AWS was to introduce a more intelligent application delivery solution to handle FitMetrix's specific and dynamic requirements. Although Lloyd speaks very highly of the level of support received throughout this process:

"More importantly though, their support is top notch."

Lloyd summarizes by saying:

"If you are not sure about F5, Barracuda, etc...especially for AWS EC2, definitely give this a look, you will be happy you did!"