Is the future in the cloud?

Is the future in the cloud?

Cloud & IT Infrastructure Updated on 1 min

Even consumers are familiar with the benefits of cloud infrastructure, but what exactly does it mean for businesses?

In our latest video Ben Lewis, our Head of Cloud, introduces us to the pros (and a few cons) of putting all your application services onto a cloud platform. Watch below or over on YouTube.

During our discussion, we cover:

  • many of the major benefits
  • whether cloud is cheaper than on-premise or hosted data centers
  • whether organizations should put all their services in the cloud

One benefit is speed, as the cloud enables organizations to seriously cut down on lead time – by not having to wait for physical hardware to arrive. “One of the greatest things about the cloud is that you can go to a web interface login and immediately deploy services, whether that's at an infrastructure layer or a software layer.” Ben explains. “The cloud is a great option if you need to move quickly.”

On potential barriers of moving into the cloud: “If you're building a brand new application today and you were delivering that out en mass to consumers, you would, in most cases, choose to deploy that in the cloud,” Ben adds. “However, if you are a long-standing organization with, let's say, a billing application for example that is used to collate customers use of your services and then provide billing out to them on a monthly basis if that's an older application that's not built in a cloud-native fashion sometimes those things are just harder to move to the cloud.”

Check out the full discussion above, or to go full-screen and watch more of our videos head over to our YouTube channel.