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Mark works as the development manager at Away from work, Mark plays a lot of Frisbee and enjoys mountain biking. Other hobbies include compiling drivers into the Linux Kernel.

SSL offload testing with HAProxy and Stunnel

Mark Brookes SSL

There are a lot of SSL offload throughput statistics available for appliances across the internet but rarely do they detail the way they were tested (probably because a lot of the numbers are inflated for marketing purposes). We at would like to improve the standard across the more

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Upstart script for Collectd

Mark Brookes Linux

We have been doing some internal testing with Collectd. "collectd gathers statistics about the system it is running on and stores this information. Those statistics can then be used to find current performance bottlenecks (i.e. performance analysis) and predict future system load (i.e. capacity planning). Or more

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