Digital transformation: when should you move to the cloud?

Digital transformation: when should you move to the cloud?

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In our latest video, Ben Lewis,'s Head of Cloud, discusses the pros and cons of putting services in the public cloud, and how to decide whether it's the right fit for you.

During our discussion, we cover:

  • digital transformation
  • when (and when not) to use cloud
  • agility and adaptability of cloud
  • the relevance of the cloud post-Covid

During the conversation, Ben says: "There are a number of considerations around when and when not to use cloud, and I don't think there'll ever be a single 'this is the right time or the right scenario' to use it. Every organization is different. Their own requirements are different, their application stack is different – so there really isn't a single answer to that. But I think one of the big trends at the moment, one of the things that's talked about a lot is digital transformation."

Ben touches upon how digital transformation enables organizations to be agile and adaptable, scale on demand, and also play an integral part in helping businesses grow and survive – and where the cloud can play its part.

Check out the full discussion above – to go full-screen or watch the first part of our 'Intro to Cloud' video series, head over to the YouTube channel.

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