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11th January 2017

in Business must’ve been well behaved in 2016

Posted by Jake Borman 11th January in Business must've been well behaved in 2016. Or at least that's the opinion of the hard working elves down at HAProxy Technologies. Our good friends across the channel very kindly sent us a Christmas gift, in the form of their ALOHA Pocket load balancer...

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28th September 2016

in AWS and Azure

Transparent HAProxy in Azure using TProxy

Posted by Ben Cabot 28th September in AWS and Azure

We all know that the built-in Azure load balancer is perfectly functional, but sometimes you need a proper load balancer. HAProxy is an excellent choice if you need layer 7 functionality, but its a full reverse-proxy, so the application thinks that all of the traffic is coming from HAProxys IP - rather than the clients. So what can you do if the load balanced application needs to know the real clients IP address in Azure?

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15th April 2016

in HAProxy

How to stop TPROXY when used with HAProxy breaking clients in the real server subnet

Posted by Aaron West 15th April in HAProxy

Dealing with clients coming from the same subnet as the real servers when using Tproxy can be a pain. It creates an issue because once Haproxy is running transparently, it will allow the real server to see the client IP so the real server will reply directly back to the client bypassing the load balancer.

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18th May 2015

in Denial Of Service

Blocking invalid range headers using ModSecurity and/or HAProxy (MS15-034 – CVE-2015-1635)

Posted by Malcolm Turnbull 18th May in Denial Of Service

Microsoft quietly patched a fairly nasty little bug (MS15-034) in IIS last month: A simple HTTP request with an invalid range header field value to either kill IIS, reveal data or remotely execute code! We haven't seen one of these in a while and obviously you are safe if you have automatic security patching turned on. However, with our renewed focus on web application security, I thought this would be a good example to show how easy virtual patching is with the industry standard tools used in the appliance.

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10th April 2015

in AWS and Azure

Transparent Load balancing with HAProxy on Amazon EC2

Posted by Ben Cabot 10th April in AWS and Azure

This is a quick guide on how to setup transparent mode on HAProxy in Amazon's EC2. One of our favored methods of load balancing is using Layer 4 DR because it is transparent and fast. Unfortunately because of Amazon's infrastructure this is not possible in EC2 so we need to use another method which means we are left with layer 4 NAT and transparent HAproxy using TProxy.

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6th March 2015

in Denial Of Service

Simple Denial of Service DOS attack mitigation using HAProxy

Posted by Malcolm Turnbull 6th March in Denial Of Service

Denial of Service (DOS) attacks can be especially effective against certain types of web application. If the application is highly dynamic or database intensive it can be remarkably simple to degrade or cripple the functionality of a site. This blog article describes some simple methods to mitigate single source IP DOS attacks using HAProxy. I've described how you would implement the techniques using the appliance but they are easily transferable to any HAProxy based cluster.

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1st December 2014

in Business

Black Friday black out protection with HAProxy

Posted by Malcolm Turnbull 1st December in Business

The media industry had lots of fun at the expense of e-commerce outlets on Black Friday mercilessly reporting on site crashes and outages . My wife yelled that I needed to 'fix the Internet' when would not respond immediately to her demands on Friday evening. However on closer inspection i.e. reading the page Agros was handling the situation in a very fair and simple way. The holding page displayed apologised because the site was very busy, and within about 2 minutes it let her into the web site to start shopping (nice little Javascript re-direct built into the sorry we are busy page). If you need to implement this kind of functionality for your e-commerce site then it is pretty simple to do with the appliance:

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