19th October 2016

in Security

Blocking Japan with ModSecurity and Maxmind Lite

Posted by Theo Harvey 19th October in Security

Accessibility is the magic word for todays blog. If you’re lucky enough to run a website, then the whole world has access to it by default!
Now lets imagine that the website you’re running is targeted for a geographically specific customer base such as the USA. You get up one morning and decide to take a look at your web analytic reports, and find that Japan is where the second largest volume of traffic is coming from. At which point, you might start thinking about restricting traffic from specific countries that would only waste bandwidth on your server.

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28th September 2016

in AWS and Azure

Transparent HAProxy in Azure using TProxy

Posted by Ben Cabot 28th September in AWS and Azure

We all know that the built-in Azure load balancer is perfectly functional, but sometimes you need a proper load balancer. HAProxy is an excellent choice if you need layer 7 functionality, but its a full reverse-proxy, so the application thinks that all of the traffic is coming from HAProxys IP - rather than the clients. So what can you do if the load balanced application needs to know the real clients IP address in Azure?

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4th August 2016

in Load Balancing

I didn’t realise NTP was so important for Medical Imaging Systems like PACS and VNA.

Posted by Aaron West 4th August in Load Balancing

Have you ever looked at the plan for installing a medical imaging system and felt like screaming? I've seen some pretty scary looking network diagrams, sometimes this is because a lot of the kit is running on old standards, but very expensive to replace (think MRI scanners). One of the first things you should do is try and get each member of the team to simplify, simplify, simplify!

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7th July 2016

in Load Balancing

Does your F5 migration need a Jenga consultant?

Posted by Aaron West 7th July in Load Balancing

Look, let’s make this very clear, we love F5, we think they are awesome, the best ADC in the market. But please don’t be surprised when we charge you a fairly large amount for migration consultancy…

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1st July 2016

in Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery is more important than HTTPS SNI support…

Posted by James Bolton 1st July in Disaster recovery

What would you prefer us to work on? Making sure that you get zero downtime, or reducing the amount of manual configuration required? Here at Loadbalancer.org we've been working hard (i.e. drinking lots of coffee) and we are very relieved to announce, that v8.2.1, is now available - finally.

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1st July 2016

in Disaster recovery

Seamless Load Balancer Recovery – as easy as 1, 2, 3

Posted by Rob Cooper 1st July in Disaster recovery

So, you've configured two loadbalancer.org appliances as a clustered pair for high availability, the pair has been working fine but then one day you receive an email alert that one of the pair has failed for some reason, for example a disk failure. The remaining unit continues to provide load balanced services without issue, but now you want to repair the failed unit and re-create the clustered pair without any disruption to running services.

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9th June 2016

in Business

Loadbalancer.org celebrates 10 year partnership with VMware

Posted by Jake Borman 9th June in Business

Was it really a whole decade ago when we embarked on this scary new venture into the unknown abyss that was virtualization? How things have changed now that we've reached the day of the hoverboard.

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