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Worked with 1st, 2nd & 3rd line technical support for the Royal Navy and corporate companies for over 20 years, Neil joined the support team in September 2015 looking to develop his skill set across a wider variety of customer environments. When he’s not in the office Neil can be found cycling or visiting the cinema as well as watching his favorite TV shows including the Walking Dead.

Transparent vs Explicit proxy — which method should I use?

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Different vendors have widely different opinions on which method should be used to deploy web filters or SWGs (secure web gateways). Historically, vendors struggled to implement authentication in Transparent mode, and maybe they remember some awkward conversations with customers that chose the wrong method. The tricky thing is that more

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MS SQL Health Check

Neil Hosking Linux

Recently we've noticed more customers are load balancing Microsoft SQL Server. We already have a built in MySQL health check in the appliance, but until now we've avoided having a Microsoft SQL check as it is not open source. Not to be deterred, we checked the licence agreement with more

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