Tailoring — The modern way to make your product indestructible

Tailoring — The modern way to make your product indestructible

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Growing customer demands are forcing technology providers to reconsider their approach to high availability and scalability — and they've found something interesting.

Over the last few years, technology has evolved, complexity has increased and so too have the demands of your customers. At the same time, your sector-specific workflows and applications have become far more sophisticated. How can you guarantee success — when customers demand your products just work, first-time, every time, and never fail?

For many years, technology providers have had limited options regarding their approach to high availability and load balancing — each with their own advantages and drawbacks...

Approach to HA



Let the customer choose

It’s not your responsibility! 

With little (or no) guidance the customer is far more likely to screw it up. Whether using something unfit for purpose or overloading an existing F5 - the scope of complexity, and subsequent problems, is vast. And they’ll still blame you when it breaks.   

Recommend a specific vendor

Gives you (and the customer) the confidence that it’ll work

Customers don’t like having to go and buy something from somewhere else just to make your product work. As well as obvious procurement challenges, customers will also push back - giving you the previous problem of them choosing something else! 

Resell F5 with your product

The customer receives an all-in-one solution that works

Surely you can’t go wrong reselling the market leader? Yes, it’ll do everything you need, but it’ll also do a million things you don’t - and that comes at a cost. This highly complex, highly expensive solution is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

Build your own DIY load balancer

It’s cheap and gives you full control over how it’s used

You often end up reliant on a small group of people that actually understand it. What happens if they leave the business or are on vacation when it breaks? And how does this scale as you grow to hundreds of installs? 

But come 2022, there is a disruptive new way...

A tailored approach ensures that your customers receive a version of your product that is rock-solid out-the-box, yet simple to deploy and maintain — ultimately adding significant value to your offering, without a hefty price tag.

One of our strategic healthcare partners summed it up perfectly to me the other day:

"It's like having our very own high availability division;  freeing us up to focus on our core product offering.”

Problems that tailored load balancers can solve for technology providers

Tailoring is about adjusting to suit a specific need, rather than building a completely green product from scratch. Our technology providers benefit from a unique, tailored approach, that gives them all the benefits of customization — but with added advantages. For example, technology providers can profit from:

  1. A user interface tailored to the needs of your product - Dramatically reducing the potential for user error by hiding functionality that your application doesn't need.
  2. Custom branding - Whether fully white-labeled or "<your product> Powered by Loadbalancer.org" you have absolute flexibility to position your load balancer however you wish.
  3. Automated implementation - Using the power of API-driven automation, deployment can be scripted to configure an entire load-balanced environment, custom to your application, at the click of a button.
  4. Improved security - Removing unnecessary modules significantly reduces the attack plane for hackers.
  5. Aligned development roadmaps - By flipping software development on its head, our tailored approach enables technology providers to push software updates in alignment with their roadmap, not ours.  
  6. Bespoke load balancing features - Working at a strategic level, we welcome feature requests. In fact, the vast majority of our roadmap comes from strategic partner requests.
  7. Flexible licensing and SLAs - Total flexibility to align the load balancer license with how you license your product. Many of our healthcare partners license on studies per year, so that's how we license the load balancer.
  8. Bespoke training and certification - Onsite or virtual, tailored to your specific application, we ensure our partners have all the tools they need to install and maintain their load balancer.
  9. Custom support and service channels - Training our engineers on your version comes as standard, with bespoke channels of engagement and escalation to suit your customer success strategy.
  10. Taking responsibility for existing HAProxy installs - If transitioning from an estate of HAProxy deployments, we can easily take that support headache away, without the need to buy our licenses.

And these are just examples - entirely driven by specific technology provider requests. The key point is that we have built a disruptive business model to give technology providers a better way of making their offering indestructible.

As our Co-Founder, Malcolm Turnbull, explains:

"With regards to the product, it wasn't that there was a lack of complex enterprise load balancers in the market. In fact, it was already a mature, almost commodity market. However, most customers want LESS complexity. For example a simplified interface — showing only the stuff they need. So rather than try and ADD extra bells-and-whistles, we flipped product development on its head, and now take our customer's requirements as a starting point to simplify and streamline functionality for their unique needs. And when it comes to their go-to-market approach, there was no one-size-fits-all rulebook. So we pivoted to ensure we could support each and every unique approach in a way that none of our competitors can yet extend to. Whether our customers simply want validation that our load balancers work with their applications, or whether they're looking for full OEM integration, we can deliver."

What does the future hold?

The honest answer is — we've no idea! The response to our tailored offering for technology vendors has been phenomenal, and reinforces what we're hearing from our strategic partners — that right now the market needs more commercially viable, agile solutions that can evolve with them and their problems.

Having built our entire business model around supporting this level of flexibility, we are the only load balancing vendor that can pivot to address this gap in the market. Learn how a tailored ADC can change your business model for the better.

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