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Having previously worked as a system administrator at IBM for over 12 years, maintaining infrastructure used by a global team, Dave joined the Loadbalancer.org support team to further develop his skillset and gain experience of varied customer environments.

Stack Clash and Loadbalancer.org

Dave Saunders Security

Background I was reading about the Stack Clash vulnerability last night and it seems that this is something which has been around before, been fixed twice and then another method to trigger the exploit has been identified but as it has been rated 'Important' I thought I'd write a blog...read more

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IAM what I am

Dave Saunders Amazon AWS

Amazon is a fantastic company and one of the pioneers of cloud computing, forging the path which many vendors have followed. They have recently rectified something that has long been a bugbear of mine - the ability to retrospectively add an IAM role to a running instance in AWS. For...read more

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