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What do you need load balancing for?

Load Balancing Oracle Application Server

The Oracle Application Server product line is the industry's most comprehensive Java platform for developing, deploying, and integrating enterprise applications. It provides the foundation for application grid, which is an architecture that enables enterprises to outperform their competitors while minimizing operational costs.

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Load Balancing IBM® WebSphere® Application Server

IBM® WebSphere® Application Server offers options for a faster, more flexible Java application server runtime environment. It offers enhanced reliability and resiliency for building and running applications, including cloud and mobile. It supports environments from single server and midsize configurations to large deployments requiring web tier clustering over multiple application server instances.

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Load Balancing JBoss Application Server

The JBoss Applications Server is a J2EE platform for developing and deploying enterprise Java applications, Web applications and services, and portals. J2EE allows the use of standardized modular components and enables the Java platform to handle many aspects of programming automatically. A beta version of JEMS is now available on Amazon's cloud service EC2.

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Load Balancing SAP Application Server

SAP NetWeaver Application Server or SAP Web Application Server is a component of the solution which works as a web application server to SAP solutions. From the SAP point of view the Web AS is the foundation on which most of their product range runs.

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