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Simple support options from the load balancer experts

Technical Support Cost

With three simple options your choice couldn't be easier. Premium support provides unlimited access to our engineers 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Standard support still includes unlimited contact via any means possible (and unlimited firmware updates) but during business hours only. For those of you who feel you don't require access to our support services, then we offer a security updates only option.

Features Security Updates Standard Premium 24/7
Security Updates
Software Updates
Unlimited Phone Support
Unlimited Email Support
Live Chat Support
Remote Config. Service
Business Hour Support
24/7 Hour Support
Prices from $145 $595 $995

Hardware Warranty

All appliances come with 3 years hardware warranty as standard. Your level of hardware warranty is dependent on the model being purchased:

Model Standard Hardware Warranty
Enterprise R20 3 years return-to-base warranty as standard
Enterprise MAX 3 years return-to-base warranty as standard
Enterprise 10G 3 years next day on-site engineer as standard
Enterprise R330 3 years 4 hour response time as standard

Model Price
Enterprise VA R20 $11,995
Enterprise VA MAX $20,995

Model Security Updates Standard Premium
Enterprise VA R20 $895 $3,795 $6,295
Enterprise VA MAX $1,195 $4,495 $7,195

Hardware Warranty Explained:

With return-to-base warranty, should you encounter a failure, you would ship the appliance back to our warehouse. We would then diagnose and fix / replace as required.

With next day on-site engineer, and 4 hour response time, you would have an engineer on-site within the agreed time to fix / replace any hardware faults.

We can also offer enhanced hardware replacement options on all models. Just tell us what you need and we'll make it happen.

Service Level Agreement

Severity Definition Description Targeted Response
Priority 1 (Urgent) Site Down - All network traffic has ceased, causing critical impact to your business. 1 hour
Priority 2 (High) Site at risk - Primary unit has failed resulting in no redundancy. Site is at risk of going down. 4 hours
Priority 3 (Medium) Performance impaired - Network traffic is extremely slow causing significant impact to your business. Performance degraded - Network traffic is partially functional causing some applications to be unreachable. 8 hours
Priority 4 (Low) General assistance - Questions regarding configurations "how to". Troubleshooting non-critical issue. Enhancement request - Request for product functionality that is not currently part of the current product feature set. Next Business Day
Model Monthly Cost
Enterprise VA R20 $195
Enterprise VA MAX $345

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