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Onsite Installations

Whilst our kit is super easy to deploy, if you’d prefer we do it for you then this can be arranged. A installation consultant will gather information about your network, infrastructure and business requirements. This insight will be used to optimize your load balanced deployment. Your installation consultant will configure the appliances for your network, test specific core functionality (such as failover) and provide basic training on the user interface and support contact procedures.


It’s not hard to learn your way around our battle-hardened load balancer appliances, but if you’d like to keep maintenance costs low and ensure your staff are up-to-date on the latest skills and certifications, then you may wish to take advantage of the Training Services. Aimed at IT professionals and end-users, all training sessions are entirely customizable to your requirements. Our highly skilled networking professionals are available for sessions at your location or one of our dedicated training laboratories – and over any period of time that suits you.

Rules Migration Services

If you are considering moving from an outdated, obsolete or proprietary load balancing system, it may be a daunting proposition and present significant challenges along the way. The team at have significant experience assisting customers migrating from complex legacy systems such as F5 to our physical, virtual or cloud based appliance options.

Our professional services specialists can assist you with all aspects of your migration and support your implementation of a far more cost efficient, easier to manage and maintain solution. If you’re considering your migration strategy, we’re certain you’ll have questions, so why not get in touch with the team at

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