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Countless customers have already learned that there’s more to us than load balancers. When you partner with us, you get our expertise as part of the package.

Your needs shape what we do. Let’s explore them together — then build a bespoke programme that fits your business. If you want something you don’t see here, you only need to ask. Your team, your goals, your services plan. Just lead the way.

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  • Assessing your needs

    Our experts will analyse your requirements in depth and detail.

    • Needs analysis: Your bespoke technical or business requirements, investigated by our experts.

    • Infrastructure Assessment: What's been bugging you? We'll review your current solutions and technical requirements.

    • Development Resources: We'll assess if our off-the-shelf product is a good fit, and add or alter features that suit you.

  • Creating your architecture

    We’ll create a high-availability strategy that fits with your system and mitigates risks.

    • Integration Plan: Your new high-availability strategy, designed to fit perfectly with your systems.

    • Alternative Design: Environments differ: we’ll make sure you have a deployment solution for every scenario.

    • Security Assessment Wherever you’re vulnerable, we’ll mitigate the risks with a thorough assessment.

  • Validating your design

    Implementation you can trust - documented, tested and optimized.

    • Proof of Concept: We’ll make sure the new design works for you.

    • Performance Test: Your new architecture stress-tested and optimized for peak performance.

    • Documentation: Let’s keep things simple with easy-to-follow deployment documentation.

  • Educating our teams

    Training your team and our specialists to keep things running smoothly.

    • Training: Whatever your team needs, we’ll deliver onsite or remote training.

    • Internal Instruction: We want our whole team to learn about your product - be as involved as you choose.

    • Dedicated Support: Opt for bespoke on-call support, and we’ll build you a team of specialists who know your product and ours inside-out.

  • Implementing your solution

    A quick and simple install, with the right tools and expert advice.

    • Pre-Configured Solutions: We can explore creating a customized solution that’s ready to roll.

    • Migration Tools: If you’re already using another product, we’ll build tools to migrate your systems.

    • Deployment Consultancy: All the help you need installing our product, onsite or remotely - and technical advice on your pre-sales projects.

  • Continuing your support

    Keeping up with the inventory and training you need, into the future.

    • Customized Inventory: If we’ve developed your bespoke product, we can hold a personalized inventory, ready for when your customers need it.

    • Sales Training: You’ve got a new solution to sell - and we can train your sales channels, onsite or remotely.

    • Refresher Courses: Any of the above as a refresher course, right when you need it.

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501 Reviews
IT Manager, Healthcare industry.

Great solution that works reliably, offers great support and is well priced.

Always responsive to our needs. Loadbalancer.org was accommodating to our custom configuration needs and supported us through implementation.

Tony Albus, SoftWear

The appliances are very reliable and their service is great!

We are a happy customer of Loadbalancer.org, The appliances are very reliable and thier service is great. The support department responds very quick and know what they talk about. It will be Loadbalancer.org for us, to keep our network up. Thanks guys!

Senior ICT Support Officer, Government

Just works, providing high availability and load balancing when there is an outage.

They work. Since the load balancers have been set up they've been trouble-free. That's what the principal purpose of the load balancer is, to work around and be available when there's any outages with the cluster behind.

IT Infrastructure Architect

Easy and quick implementation backed up by excellent support

The support is amongst the best that I have experienced. Their response is always swift and the people show a high level of knowledge of the product. They are very open with the information that they publish on the product and implementation guides for a number of different scenarios have proven invaluable.

Marc Weimann, Bezirk Mittelfranken

Top solution with a good and fast support.

The installation and configuration of the Loadbalancer.org Virtual Appliance, is easy. The web interface is cleanly designed and reacts quickly. If a real server fails, the failover works seamless to another.

Chris Dow, Systems Programmer, Utilities Company

Their pricing scheme is easy and inexpensive

For load balancers, these guys are perfect. Tell the sales guys at Loadbalancer.org your needs, but do your research. Set up a trial device. Make sure you do not need a more full-featured product. Loadbalancer.org is improving their product all the time.

Paul Cottingham, ASOS

Cost effective while at the same time offering the fault tolerance level ASOS needed.

The two Enterprise MAX high availability clustered pairs we bought were hugely cost effective while at the same time offering the fault tolerance level ASOS needed to give the confidence to commit to the service levels ASOS aims to provide its customer base.

Systems Programmer, Energy and utilities industry

Come for the budget-friendly hardware and software, stay for the world-class support!

We were pleasantly surprised at the distance Loadbalancer.org are willing to go in order to make our project a success. Their product fit the budget, but we will be staying with them because they support it. For simple load balancer devices, Loadbalancer.org cannot be beaten!

IT Manager at a tech vendor

Load balancing and redundancy makes our network more reliable.

I think they have very nice upgrade offers. When you start small, you can take the smaller version, and if your company is hopefully expanding, you can always choose an upgraded version. I would say it's a 10 out of 10, because it does exactly what it needs to do and that's what you want from a product.

Let's build your bespoke professional services plan

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