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Product Managers choose to work with Loadbalancer.org for our consultancy led approach.

Let's help you design, build, document and test — a truly unbreakable system.

We have a deep commitment to understanding the technical requirements, but can also help you communicate with stake holders — just how critical zero downtime is to your reputation.

Because you just want it to work - and never break

"Within a year we reduced support calls and TCO by 90%"

Like many other PACS vendors, Fujifilm used to either utilize their customers infrastructure to achieve high-availability and ease of maintenance, or recommend a far more expensive and far more complex load balancing solution, such as F5 Networks.

'Whilst cost was a factor the main driver for us was simplicity. Partnering with Loadbalancer.org has hugely simplified deployment and the rare support issues can now be fixed by anyone'

Thierry Verstraete, Carestream - Product Manager

'Working with our medical imaging partners is always great fun. Architecture is often very straight-forward, but brings great rewards and improvements to our partners and their customers.'

Aaron West, Loadbalancer.org - Technical Architect

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