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When you need wire speed, you need a simple range of dedicated hardware load balancers. Loadbalancer.org make the choice easy.

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Offering incredible power & performance - at entry level pricing. The Enterprise R20 is license restricted to 5 clusters, each with 4 back-end servers. You'll probably never need to upgrade the license, but just in case you do, the transition to unrestricted is seamless, with no downtime or need to swap out your existing hardware.

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Eliminate stress with the totally unrestricted Enterprise MAX. Licensed for unlimited clusters and back-end servers, this load balancer offers the ultimate combination of price, performance and scalability. In fact, it's so good many of our most demanding customers have been running on this platform for years, without requiring an upgrade.

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Are you worried about the future application demands on your network? The Enterprise 10G is ideally suited to high throughput application environments, offering blistering transfer rates and unbeatable value.

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Meet the demands of Ultra HD Video transport and Enterprise Storage applications with backbone matched speeds. The Enterprise 40G is ideal for high throughput networks and performance lab environments.

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Do you just want the best? This over-specified monster load balancer comes with the unrivalled performance and total redundancy of everything. For complete application delivery peace-of-mind, simply add 2x Enterprise Ultra's in HA failover mode.

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More RAM? Less CPU? Redundant PSU? Contact us to customize your load balancer

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Key Benefit High Performance Unlimited Servers 10Gb Ethernet 40Gb Ethernet Incredible SSL TPS
Maximum Servers 20* Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Throughput 3Gbps 3Gbps 13Gbps 38Gbps 18Gps
Average Throughput 941Mbps 941Mbps 8,752Mbps 36,134Mbps 16,833Mbps
Maximum HTTP RPS 252,684 252,684 300,237 351,298 506,596
Average HTTP RPS 227,405 227,405 270,244 316,168 455,936
Maximum Connections 15,600,000 15,600,000 31,200,000 31,200,000 62,400,000
L7 Concurrent Connections 300,000 300,000 600,000 600,000 1,200,000
SSL TPS (1K Keys) 6,316 6,316 6,316 7,047 18,306
SSL TPS (2K Keys) 3,158 3,158 3,158 3,523 11,219
Power Consumption (max/idle) 90/45W 90/45W 76/46W 76/46W 172/114W
CPU Quad Core Intel® Xeon® Quad Core Intel® Xeon® Quad Core Intel® Xeon® Quad Core Intel® Xeon® 2x 10 Core Intel® Xeon®
Ethernet 4x 1Gbps 4x 1Gbps 2x 1Gbps + 2x 10Gbps 2x 1Gbps + 2x 40Gbps 2x 1Gbps + 2x 10Gbps
RAM 8Gb 8Gb 16Gb 16Gb 32Gb
1U Rack Mountable
Redundant PSU
Enterprise Remote Console
Hardware RAID Optional Optional
DC Power Option
3 Year Warranty
Next Business Day Replacement Optional Optional
Next Business Day Onsite Engineer
2, 4 or 8 Hour Onsite Response Optional Optional Optional

Malcolm Turnbull, CEO

How should you compare load balancers?

If you are searching on Google for load balancer comparisons – like I just did.. you will come across some blatant sales pitches from various vendors. I myself have been guilty of writing a blog entry or two in the past that may have exaggerated the benefits of Loadbalancer.org over Kemp Technologies :-). For the record I think they are a great company and our only serious competitor at this end of the market place. Anyway back to the point, How do you compare load balancer vendors and products?

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"We use 2 hardware, load balancers to connect over 800 IP-based EPOS devices. The product is reliable, easily-configurable and gives comprehensive reporting. On the few occasions we've used support for advice on configuration, the response has been prompt and advice relevant and helpful. I would definitely recommend this product!"
By Gary Ashcroft - Centegra
"Loadbalancer.org provide an exceptional product that supports our Exchange Cloud platform of in excess of 100,000+ mailboxes and services. As we have grown we have had every confidence that the products provided are capably of supporting our needs. Without doubt with a great product comes exceptional support. The support team are fast, friendly, know the product and always go the extra mile to help. We will always recommend this company, products and its support staff and they can only be classed as 5*. Thank you."
By Mark Ellam - Giacom
"After a long and expensive market wide analysis of as many products as we could locate, including a viability study of an in house roll-our-own solution, we decided on virtual cluster pair from Loadbalancer.org. There are very few products that 'just work' and this is one of those. Excellent product and service, worth every penny of the comparatively very low cost. We would never look anywhere else now."
By Mark Cumming - Phoenix
"Our company has used the loadbalancer.org products for several years now and every time I have to contact support for a question or issue, they are very helpful. Their responses are very easy to follow and include explanations on the importance of each of the procedures. Their support staff are well versed in the products they support and you get the feeling they have been in the trenches themselves. A+ to loadbalancer.org for taking pride in their customer support. Always a pleasure to deal to with even in the most stressful of situations"
By Dolan Hoffman - ARMtech Insurance Services
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