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Your healthcare solution from the load balancer experts

Medical imaging is our focus

Your system is vital. Doctors need to see diagnostic images and information without delay - or patient care could be compromised. Downtime damages reputations and puts people at risk.

Thanks to our experience, we understand how to reduce the complexity of your system, making it truly unbreakable.

So let’s work together to achieve zero downtime, whatever modality you’re using, and however many studies per year you need.

The fast, reliable, scalable system you need.

"Within a year we reduced support calls and TCO by 90%"

Like many other PACS vendors, Fujifilm used to either utilize their customers infrastructure to achieve high-availability and ease of maintenance, or recommend a far more expensive and far more complex load balancing solution, such as F5 Networks.

'Whilst cost was a factor the main driver for us was simplicity. Partnering with Loadbalancer.org has hugely simplified deployment and the rare support issues can now be fixed by anyone'

Thierry Verstraete, Carestream - Product Manager

'Working with our medical imaging partners is always great fun. Architecture is often very straight-forward, but brings great rewards and improvements to our partners and their customers.'

Aaron West, Loadbalancer.org - Technical Architect

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