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Why should you trust the load balancer experts?

Because you can buy direct, from a great bunch of people

Isn't it nice when you get an honest answer to your question - immediately. Have you ever been told to wait for another sales person just because he has been promised the commission on your sale? Or have you ever had the pleasure of being upsold - to a product you didn't need? We will never mis-sell - full stop.

And we love getting our hands dirty

We'll always be happy to provide remote configuration at no extra cost. Some of our support team might get a bit enthusiastic, once they've resolved the issue they might offer to start fixing other parts of your network, or getting into deep discussions about the 3-axis accelerometer on a Fitbit. They won't be offended if you just hit disconnect.

But don't be surprised if we say, 'No'

OK, so maybe this is not a good thing to brag about, but our staff are encouraged speak up if they think you are going in the wrong direction. They may suggest a different way of solving the problem. Please feel free to push back - we love a good argument discussion :-)

Because you just want it to work - and never break

Knowledge of your application

We only employ 3rd Line engineers with specific certification in your application.


Our efforts were recognised by Gartner in their 2015 ADC Magic Quadrant Report.

Unlimited support

Even with our basic support package you can have a networking professional on the phone all day if required.

USB backup

Our unique use of USB ports means complete systems can be restored without the need for experienced personnel.

Custom configuration

Our engineers get quite excited about custom configs. Please let us know what you need.

Flexibility to fix your problem

Everyone at Loadbalancer.org has manager level authority to do whatever it takes to keep you happy. No employee will ever be disciplined for being too nice.

Free, pre-configured, SSD replacement

No need for contracts. Simply tell us about your SSD failure and we'll preconfigure a replacement and get it sent straight out to you.

Average response time

Our focus is more on excellent responses rather than response times. But, even so, you're looking at less than 15 minutes.


These terms get used a lot these days. Contact us and let us show you just how passionate each and every Loadbalancer.org employee is.

Surely you must have a question?