How to recover your load balancers to v6.18 via USB stick

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The following instructions detail how to recover any appliance to v6.18 via any USB stick 1 Gb or greater.

NB. This will only work on 64Bit hardware. All version 6 appliances are 64Bit. If you are running an older version this may still be possible depending on the hardware you are running on.

If you are running v5 and wish to determine whether your appliance is 64Bit then enter the following command:

grep flags /proc/cpuinfo

If lm (long mode) is present in the output then they are 64Bit and you can proceed. If not then your appliance is 32Bit and you are limited to the latest v5 software.

NB. are continuing to develop and support v5.

The v6.18 image requires a high speed 4Gb IDE DOM / Flash. If you are already running v6 then you will already have this and should be able to simply re-image your current DOM / Flash. If you are upgrading from v5 you will need to purchase a 4Gb DOM / flash card and then use the following procedure to build it from any USB stick 1Gb or greater:

NB. If you are already running v6 then you can keep your current configuration by backing up the XML file on BOTH the master and the slave. This can then be uploaded to the new v6 appliance once the following steps have been completed.

The USB stick bootable version of the ISO file was here...but now please contact to ask for a copy!

You can use UNetBootIn (Windows or Linux) to transfer the ISO onto a USB stick.

Then change the server BIOS to boot from the USB (stick must be plugged in at that stage).

When it boots choose the:

Default image option 

Then at the command line do:

cd /etc/recovery/

option 1.


option 1.

Then Yes to all.

The image transfers onto any IDE HD or IDE DOM / Flash.

You now have a fully functioning v6.18 appliance!

NB. If you need to upload a previous configuration go to Maintenance > Disaster Recovery in the web interface to upload a backup XML file.