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20th April 2017

in Load Balancing

What exactly is a Reverse Proxy?

Posted by Aaron West 20th April in Load Balancing

"I don't think we can use your load balancer, because its not a reverse proxy...", said the slightly confused re-seller.

Which got me thinking, maybe I should write a blog about the difference between a Reverse Proxy Server and a Forward Proxy Server?

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12th September 2012

in High Availability

Loadbalancing an internal webserver behind two Microsoft TMG 2010 servers at layer4 using DR mode

Posted by Theo Harvey 12th September in High Availability

We were looking at Microsoft's new TMG server and load balancing and after a search of the web found there was not really any Guide on how to load balance incoming web connections via two TMG servers to an internal NAT'ed web sever at Layer 4. The TMG servers are effectivley acting as WAFs (Web Application Firewalls) for the incomming traffic. They require the traffic to be transparent (so they can inspect the client source IP address), so layer 4  DR mode is a logical choice. The main problems were getting the required loopback adapter on the TMG servers to function correctly. So this is how we got it to work:

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15th July 2011

in High Availability

NTLM Authenticating Proxy Check Script

Posted by Mark Brookes 15th July in High Availability

We do quite a bit of work with web proxy vendors, load balancing multiple web filters/proxies with our appliances and our customers have requested a way of health checking through the proxy when they have NTLM authentication enabled. Always happy to help where we can, I have created a script that will retrieve a web page via your proxy (logging in first of course) if it retrieves it successfully then the program exits with a code 0, if it fails it exits with a code 1. Simple!

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