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They made the right choice with the load balancer experts

Clayton Miller

Rockwell Collins

The company I work for designs/builds data centers for airports all over the world and four years ago we started using Loadbalancer.org's loadbalancer virtual appliance. In these past four years I have only had to reach out to their support twice. The quick response and level of attention I received was like no other. I had anywhere from 1 to 3 support engineers engaged both times I submitted a ticket. I fly to sites to oversee the turning up of the systems and the pressure is always high, so quick response times and great attention for help speaks volumes about a company. Loadbalancer.org supplies a proven product and outstanding level of support.

Nathaniel Woody


"Support was excellent. Questions were answered quickly and clearly and the hardware problem was resolved without any issues at all. Thanks again!"

Lookman Kurusumuthu


"With the implementation of this solution, we are able to provide a fully redundant, load-balanced, highly efficient and always available solution for our print-on-demand customers around the world."

David Wallis

Argonne National Laboratory

"As usual, the support has been thorough, knowledgeable and complete. Your support team are a pleasure to deal with!"

Sanjeev Maheve


"I am happy that with the kind support from Loadbalancer.org, I could make my commercial version of HAProxy work the way expected. Thanks a lot for your help."

Matthew Toner

University of Delaware

"It's has been a pleasure to work with both the sales and support teams with Loadbalancer.org. They are quick to respond with a great level of technical knowledge and expertise in the field, which naturally leads to a top notch and rock solid product."

Philip Woulfe


"On a couple of occasions where it have been necessary to raise a support call to Loadbalancer.org, I have been very impressed with how quickly a response and solution has been provided. You've set the bench mark... Keep up the good work..."

Stephen Winnett


"The support team was fantastic at helping me with my issues. The email support that you provide is top notch. Better than ours :) I'd love to know what system you use. It has kept you coordinated across support staff and throughout the day."

Stephen Ridgway


"Response was within the hour with the problem diagnosed almost straight away. really impressive service. I had quite a complex query, support guys provided clear and accurate instructions to get my solution in place. Excellent support."

James Bowling

J.B. Poindexter & Co., Inc.

"Our company was in desperate need for a solution that would allow us to scale our application delivery throughout our enterprise. After researching and testing solutions, the Loadbalancer.org ENTERPRISE VA was the perfect fit. The ease of deployment, management and scalability was unmatched. We have been extremely pleased with the performance and stability of the product. Loadbalancer.org allowed us to leverage our current virtual infrastructure for unmatched availability and stability. The times I had to get support I was greeted within minutes of sending off the call for help, something that is truly rare now days! Thanks Loadbalancer.org for providing an amazing solution and having an amazing support team to go along with it!"

Adam Meixler


Loadbalancer.org stands apart. We’ve been providing business critical internet applications for nearly 20 years and have had gear from all the major, and some not so major, vendors. Loadbalancer.org gear though, you can’t help but love. We’ve used it for over 6 years. It’s rock solid and just works. If for some reason it doesn’t, the support team is unmatched. Malcolm is an app delivery superstar.

Jeffrey A. Clark

Skidmore College

Once again - a home run for LoadBalancer support! - We had to transition from the original LoadBalancer product to the latest LoadBalancer for AWS. As with any upgrade/migration, there were a few issues, that required support. As I have said in previous reviews - these folks GET IT! The support team is professional, responsive and solved our problems. The appliance itself seems bulletproof and has been handling 100% of our web traffic flawlessly for a couple of weeks now. Great to work with, great to use and maintain. Kudos!

Frank Wang

Fair child

Your response is quick and continuous no matter day or night, with an effective solution - thank you.

Vicky Spence

Katy Independent School District

I'm very pleased with the support Loadbalancer.org provides! The customer service has always been very friendly and very helpful in resolving my issues quickly and efficiently. Thank you for such great service!

Mark Ellam


Loadbalancer.org provide an exceptional product that supports our Exchange Cloud platform of in excess of 100,000+ mailboxes and services. As we have grown we have had every confidence that the products provided are capably of supporting our needs. Without doubt with a great product comes exceptional support. The support team are fast, friendly, know the product and always go the extra mile to help. We will always recommend this company, products and its support staff and they can only be classed as 5*. Thank you.

Andreea Anderson


Your support it is awesome! I’ve never worked with any other vendors that had support like yours. Thank you!

Andrew Saba

Media Highway

"Our Company provide Mobile Streaming Services to thousands of customers around the world, Loadbalancer.org products ensure that we provide the highest level of customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They have guaranteed 100% uptime for our service, even when we have experience large scale server failures.The Enterprise Clustered Pairs are the cornerstone of our business infrastructure. Our technical team found that they were incredibly easy to install and configure, but the most important feature of the Clustered Pairs is that they have continued to do their job invisibly for over a year without anybody going near them."

Mr Schmidauer


Excellent reliability for an excellent price - Very easy handling and simple configuration and if there is a problem the support is really responsive and helping.

Geert Bogaert


"Loadbalancer provides us with the ability to manage our backend customer applications, supplying us with a fault-tolerant, redundant, high availability solution at an affordable price."

Thijn Moons


"Quick follow up on a ticket entered via the webpage. Asking the right questions and providing valuable answers on our support case. Well Done!"

Robin Graham


"The ENTERPRISE VA R16 is a great virtual appliance that allows us to maintain maximum availability, while providing out IT staff with a convenient way to perform maintenance. Rock solid reliability."

Quang Nguyen


"Loadbalancer.org support is the best I have ever seen. The manual is so quick and easy to read and has helped me to understand load balancing concepts. The web GUI interface is so simple for such complex tasks that I am able to configure the load balancer without even looking at the manual. Loadbalancer.org has given our websites fault-tolerance, load-balancing and performance in the easiest possible way at a reasonable price. I looked into a number of different LB products on the market before choosing Loadbalancer.org and can say that we are very satisfied with the Loadbalancer.org clustered pair that we have."

John Athanaselos

WellNet Solutions

"The install was easier than I expected and the load balancer is performing great. I'm definitely a LoadBalancer.org fan now and I chose an Enterprise R16 over a $20,000 CISCO Load Balancer."

Christian Meier

Wortmann AG

"The support team responses incredibly fast and delivers reliable information on issues or questions we had. They provided a quick fix for a problem we had with the email alerts and provided detailed and simple information on how to install and configure that fix."

Jorn Lutters


Loadbalancer.org have never failed to deliver on their promise: The best loadbalancers at the best price. I've deployed them from the smallest to the biggest environments, in single, double or multiple server clusters, with and without failover, physical and virtual, and not once have they let me down. And let's not forget the world-class support I've always received from the staff at loadbalancer.org. No matter the issue, no matter how long it took, they've always helped me find the best solution. Especially their ability to think outside the box have set them miles apart from any other IT support organization I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I strongly recommend loadbalancer.org, and urge anyone looking for a good loadbalancer to take their offerings into consideration.

Chad Havenga

Securities & Trading Technology

"I recently used the EnterpriseVA (Software) load balancer trial version for testing purposes and was most impressed with the flexibility of the system and the vast amount of details available for specific loads, the reporting on the system is equally as impressive with the finest of details. I also experienced a setup issue at the start of my testing but I was assisted by the support team almost immediately and with quick results, Thanks to the Load Balancer Team for a great experiance with this piece of software."

Freddie Brandt


"My contact with the support team at Loadbalancer.org was one of the best support experiences I've had in my +10 years in the IT industry. They are very helpful and fast in their response."

Zac Newton

Devon County Council

"Scomis is responsible for supporting over 600 schools in the UK and through our Hosted Application Service (www.scomis.org/go.hosted) we serve over 500 schools where we host their SIMS MIS & Finance Applications through a multi-tenant Remote Desktop solution. Having grown this service over 10 years where we initially started with dedicated servers before moving to RRDNS (Round Robin DNS) which we eventually outgrew as well so three years ago we looked for a dedicated load balancing solution. We found Loadbalancer.org offered the best product and excellent value especially when deployed as a resilient appliance in our virtual infrastructure. Their support has been outstanding when called upon at all stages of our journey through testing, pilot and into production. Whilst the product has been rock solid we've need their assistance for high impact events and never been disappointed with the speed and quality of the help provided."

Steve Jaundrill


"As usual, impeccable support service. Prompt responses to queries backed up by very knowledgeable staff. Without doubt the best support service I have encountered. Gives us a huge amount of confidence in deploying loadbalancer.org units to our customers knowing we have such a service available."

Scott Jacobs

States of Jersey

"We have used loadbalancer.org appliances for a number of years now. From Start to finish, the service we received was excellent. The product is reliable, stable and the support is excellent. Overall, very impressed. I would not hesitate to recommend."

Saeed Latif

The Farnborough Academy

"The support service was excellent really quick response. The engineer had excellent product knowledge and was able to resolve my queries in no time at all. Typically online reviews embellish slightly however with Loadbalancer.org I'm happy to say they were on point. I'm reassured that I made the correct decision purchasing in both the company and product. Keep up the good work guys."

Robert Jervis

Wocestershire County Council

"We first used loadbalancer.org when it was recommended as part of a larger solution design. Loadbalancer.org proved itself under some very demanding conditions, and based on its great performance, simple management and physical or virtual deployment flexibility, we would happily recommend them. With their excellent 30 day trial, it's easy to test how it will integrate into an environment."

Pete Taylor

Nottinghamsphire Healthcare

"Would definitely recommend loadbalancer.org products and services. Their loadbalancer physical and virtual appliances are well put together, cost-effective, and would recommend them to anyone looking for an easy-to-configure yet capable load balancer to add to their infrastructure. The level of after-sales support they provide is also top notch. They are always quick to respond, polite, and resolve any queries with a minimum of fuss. These guys are a great example of how to run a support team, and I've had to deal with quite a few over the years!"

Pete Taylor

Durham Country Council

"The support team were quick to respond to my enquiry and very helpful in resolving the issue. They also provided detailed advice on how to upgrade our virtual appliances to the latest release as it had a number of performance improvements and bug fixes over the release we are currently running. One of the best support experiences I have had in a while. Well done."

Paul Richards

My Movies

"A rock solid, 100% fault tolerant and cost effective solution that is perfect for the cost conscious IT professional, who does not want to spend the extra £10k on functionality he will never use, as with most other vendors. These appliances do exactly what what it says on the tin. I'm over the moon!"

Paul Cottingham


"Our solution at the time was running close to the limit of what I was comfortable with for its rating, but the logical choice for us to move on to a more powerful same supplier solution was not an option. Cisco stopped producing a stand alone solution and built the load balancing technology into a product range that wasn't suitable for our needs. The search for a suitable replacement began and as well looking at offerings from the usual suspects we reached for Google. The two Enterprise MAX high availability clustered pairs we bought were hugely cost effective while at the same time offering the fault tolerance level ASOS needed to give the confidence to commit to the service levels ASOS aims to provide its customer base"

Nick Loman

Euro Gamer

"Eurogamer have been very happy with loadbalancers from Loadbalancer.org, particularly due to their speed and stability. We have had no down-time from our device in over 2 years and they have handled significant traffic (>15,000,000 page impressions/month) without a hiccup. The appliance is significantly better value than comparable hardware load-balancers from other corporations. It is also a blessed relief to be free of the restrictive licensing and support practices that seem to go hand in hand with hardware network appliances from other companies. We would strongly recommend the Loadbalancer.org devices to any companies who plan to handle high volume web traffic."

Mike Brown


"We had a need for a hardware load balancer solution to provide internal client access to Oracle Application Server 10g but on a tight budget. After considering some other big names we came across Loadbalancer.org. Their Enterprise Clustered Pair solution claimed to provide us with all the layer 7 functionality we required at a very reasonable cost and it has delivered in every aspect. From friendly and knowledgeable technical support to simple setup and manageability, our Loadbalancer.org experience has been effortless. Since our initial deployment we have increased the number of virtual and physical servers managed by the load balancer and our confidence in their performance and stability continues to grow. We would highly recommend a Loadbalancer.org solution to anyone implementing a similar Oracle product."

Mark Shepherd


"Excellent response from the support team, they put every effort into finding a swift resolution to our problem and found a way to solve the issue we presented. We were surprised that the loadbalancer appliance allowed us to solve a number of issues we didn't even realize it was capable of doing, it did more than it said on the tin."

Mark Mulligan

Kings College London

"We distribute large multi-terabyte global datasets based on satellite remote sensing for environmental (land use, climate change and biodiversity) research using Google Earth as a visualization tool, see here. The loadbalancer enables us to use many low-cost desktops as servers and achieve better outcomes than having investing in fewer but high end (high cost) servers. The loadbalancer has been easy to set up and works like a dream. We can very cheaply add new server capacity as the demand grows and the failure of individual servers is also easy and inexpensive to solve with no disruption to QoS"

Ken Moffett

"This was my first experience of loadbalancer.org support & I can say that its excellence was commendable. All too often we are bogged down obtaining what we see as irrelevant information in a merry go round with support companies. I am pleased to say this did not happen in this case. Also impressive was the speedy turn around of emails with clear instructions in plain English. Well done & keep this up."

Jonathan Robinson


"Since 2008, blinkbox has been running on Loadbalancer.org appliances. Their products have grown with us and continue to offer fantastic performance and very good value. Loadbalancer.org's support offering is also second-to-none."

Imran Asghar

24/7 Spares

"The support we have received from you guys is phenomenal even though we don't have a support contract, needless to say if it was any other vendor the door would have been firstly shut and told to buy a support contract before we were allowed to upgrade, its refreshing change to work with a company that does things differently and has prompted me to consider purchasing a support contract. I have been in business 25 years and never experienced such a level of service with any company as i have done with you guys. Extremely impressed and more than happy to share my experience and story, you guys have helped us despite not having a contract and that speak volumes about your business ethos and how you care about your customers,"

Andrew Dancy


"We were originally drawn to Loadbalancer.org both due to the simplicity of the product and the fact they are a local success story. Since implementing our HA pair we've been really pleased with the performance of the units compared with the Citrix Netscalers we had previously been using in this role."

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We have used Loadbalancer.orgs for many years and as a major Cloud service provider are extreamly confident in these products. What puts this company above and beyond everyone else is their superb support team! These people are first in their field, quick to respond, helpful and always delivery! Thank you from Giacom/MessageStream
By Mark Ellam
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