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What do you need load balancing for?

"Today performance, efficiency and customer service matter. The LB team get that. They pick up from one another seamlessly for support issues that take time. They work as a team and that is something important. Great team, great service."

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Load Balancing Canon Medical Systems — Vitrea & DelftDI

Canon Medical offers a suite of enterprise imaging systems, encompassing applications by DelftDI and Vitrea VNA. Delft DI provides scalable PACS and RIS enterprise imaging systems, while Vitrea provides a next generation VNA, offering a flexible, service-oriented architecture.

For caregivers to work effectively, peak performance of these applications is crucial. Doctors demand instant image and data retrieval, zero downtime, and systems which are easy to maintain with simple security updates.

Clustering multiple load balanced Vitrea or DelftDI servers provides product managers with a fast, cost-effective, highly available and scalable solution, in an environment where study volume is ever increasing.

Loadbalancer.org are specialists in delivering ultra-reliable, scalable medical imaging applications. In an industry where uptime saves lives, our extensive experience means we can design unbreakable solutions to enterprise imaging’s unique challenges.

Deployment Mode

A typical deployment combines fast, highly available storage with unrestricted retrieval of images using our ultra-fast Layer 4 Direct Routing DR Mode, sometimes referred to as Direct Server Return (DSR). This is a very high-performance solution that requires little change to your existing infrastructure.

It is also possible to load balance a Canon server deployment using Layer 7 SNAT Mode. This mode might be preferable if making changes to the real servers is not possible. Due to the increased amount of information at layer 7, performance is not as fast as at layer 4.


By utilizing Layer 4 DR our entry level, Enterprise R20, is capable of environments of up to 500k studies/year. For anything larger than this then our Enterprise 10G offers an infinitely scalable solution at an unbelievably reasonable price-point.

Having partnered with top-tier healthcare vendors, Loadbalancer.org brings expert consultancy and support to all of our deployments. Our extensive experience in Enterprise Imaging means that we understand the challenges you face, and are ready to meet them with tried-and-tested solutions.

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