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What do you need load balancing for?

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Load Balancing Media Asset Management (MAM)

There is an ever growing demand for digital content in today's broadcast industry. This means the increased need to organize, assemble and deliver digital media assets as efficiently as possible.

Digital and Media Asset Management (DAM/MAM) products provide a centralized interface to capture, manage and deliver media assets on demand. This software enables users to centrally manage the ingestion, capture, editing and storage of digital media assets. More advanced features include creation of workflows and order fulfillment.

These system have transformed the content production and distribution ecosystem. They simplify the management of media files and improving team efficiency and collaboration. As the demand for content grows, delivering a reliable and scalable platform is crucial. It must be capable of supporting countless media sources and high numbers of users. If the system fails then any advantages in your workflow are lost.

So how do you ensure that your system never fails?

By clustering your web, application and databases onto multiple servers. Meet the processing, user load and redundancy/failover requirements and allow seamless maintenance.

Load balancing distributes the user connection requests amongst the server clusters. This ensures that your application remains highly available at all times. By leveraging the processing capability of multiple application servers, you can prevent bottlenecks. Ensure that resource intensive tasks such as transcoding don’t become delayed or fail altogether. Users want an uninterrupted process that is fast, just works and is future proof.

l7-snat Example MAM deployment illustrating Layer 7 SNAT. Other modes of deployment are available.

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