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Keeping your PACS & VNA product online, all the time.

Infinitely Scalable

Helping your customers grow, well beyond 500k studies/year.

Ultra Fast

No patience required, with super-fast image storage and retrieval.

Bespoke Support

Your team of PACS specialists, trained in your product.

Reliable, fast and scalable enterprise imaging, powered by Loadbalancer.org

A load balanced enterprise imaging system means better response times and better patient outcomes.

Your capacity needs for users and devices are growing. Effortlessly scale your server clusters for universal, high-performance image storage and retrieval, no matter how large the deployment.

A system you can trust and support you can rely on - helping you deliver better care, today and tomorrow.

Working together to make your systems unbreakable

Combine highly available storage with unrestricted image retrieval using our ultra-fast Layer 4 Direct Routing DR Mode, sometimes referred to as Direct Server Return (DSR). This high-performance solution requires little change to your existing infrastructure.

By utilizing Layer 4 DR mode, our entry-level Enterprise R20 easily handles environments of up to 500k studies/year. For anything larger, our Enterprise 10G offers an infinitely scalable solution at an unbelievable price-point.

Success stories

Within a year we reduced support calls by 90%

Carestream, like many other PACS vendors, once aimed for high availability through using customer infrastructure or an expensive solution like F5 Networks. Now they recognize that Loadbalancer.org solutions are simpler and more cost effective, with the added advantage of fully bespoke support.

'Whilst cost was a factor the main driver for us was simplicity. Partnering with Loadbalancer.org has hugely simplified deployment and the rare support issues can now be fixed by anyone'

Thierry Verstraete, Carestream - Product Manager

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