Using the power of VMware, Hyper-V or KVM you can run the ENTERPRISE VA software on any hardware platform of your choice. For the ultimate in power, flexibility and price.

Free 30 day evaluation copy
Easy to install on Windows, Mac & Linux
All the same functionality as the hardware appliance
Just as easy to set up in a clustered configuration for high-availability
Licensed for an unlimited number of services / servers
Licensed and certified for up to 3 Gbps throughput

We also offer a license restricted model at an even more affordable price point. The ENTERPRISE VA R16 is limited to 4 clusters each with a maximum of 4 backend servers (maximum of 16 servers) and is available from as little as $1,495!
We researched various virtual load balancing brands. Kemp and were selected for testing and each were deployed side-by-side for comparison. Ultimately's ENTERPRISE VA prevailed based on affordability, ease of use and excellent customer support.
Brian Gardner - Cogent Road, Inc.

Product description

Outstanding performance
The Virtual Appliance is a revolution in software load balancing. The software is simple to install on Windows, Mac & Linux and does not have any adverse effects on the host operating system.

Full layer 4-7 functionality

The virtual appliance version of our software is almost identical to the hardware appliance, including all the same great features. Load Balancers by their nature have fairly modest hardware requirements, so a virtual platform makes a lot of sense from a technical standpoint.

30 Day Evaluation Copy

You can download a full version of our virtual appliance and test it on VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V Server or KVM. With the help of our highly experienced support technicians you can even fully configure before purchasing. If you then decide to purchase you are already up-and-running! Saving you valuable time and resources. Although this is a full version of the software it will stop working after 30 days if you fail to purchase an activation key.


Fully 'Cluster Ready' all configuration on the master auto-replicated with the slave.
High performance Direct Routing, TUN, Single or Dual NIC NAT & Layer 7 SNAT.
Schedulers : Round Robin, Least Connection, Weighted Least Connection, Weighted Round Robin.
Dynamic Schedulers : Windows & Linux feedback agents, Custom HTTP feedback option.
Simple port connect or complex content negotiation health checks.
Automatic replication of static & dynamic configuration from master to slave load balancer.
Optional full synchronization of state table between master and slave load balancer.
Load balance almost ANY protocol i.e. HTTP,HTTPS,SMTP,POP3,IMAP,Terminal Server etc.
Persistence (sticky) by source IP address or subnet.
Real time status and daily, monthly, weekly & yearly graphical statistics.
Full layer 7 proxy support including cookie insertion/inspection.
SSL Termination to enable layer 7 cookie inspection.