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Key Features

  • Advanced L4 & L7 load balancing

  • SSL Acceleration/Offload

  • Supports for any TCP/UDP protocols

  • Direct Server Return (DSR)

  • NAT-based forwarding

  • Configurable S-NAT support

  • Dedicated WAF functionality

  • PCI-DSS compliant

  • Advanced health checking

  • Intuitive WUI

  • Configuration wizards

  • Sensible default settings

  • Real time graphical stats

  • One-click server maintenance

  • Simple backup and restore

Have you ever heard of Direct Server Return (DSR)? Ask our engineers why it can be 100 times faster than Layer 7.

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Unlike other vendors we don’t restrict on performance or features.

How many other vendors have their entry level hardware capable of 3,671 SSL TPS?
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