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Whether your point of sale is online, in multiple physical retail locations or in a chain of restaurants, your customers demand speed, security and reliability. Because we currently accelerate numerous e-commerce and Point-of Sale systems for hundreds of well-known brands worldwide, we have seen and understand all the challenges. Our partners include some some of the biggest names in retail and hospitality, such as Aeropostale, ASOS, Sealy, SEGA, Micros/Oracle and Newmarket/Amadeus... so why not join them?

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You need someone who has ensured the high-availability of complex e-commerce sites since the days of Windows NT 4 - Do you remember how hard that was to scale? We make an effort to really understand your business and your applications. Whether it's Microsoft IIS, Apache HTTP Server, Nginx or LiteSpeed, we've got it covered.

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E-Commerce Case Study

"Online retailing is a cut throat business where customer loyalty is by no means assured, a single failure of the website can have serious financial impact and negative publicity. Crocus solved their reliability and performance issues of their e-commerce website with the Enterprise R320 appliance."

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With 14 years experience of various e-commerce platforms, you can rest assured our documentation will guide you through your installation with ease

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