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Es war immer schon unsere höchste Priorität, Ihnen kompromisslose Hochverfügbarkeit zu garantieren...
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Obwohl sehr knapp kalkuliert, bieten unsere Load Balancer eine erstaunliche Funktionsvielfalt...
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Sie erwarten abgesicherte Applikationen, deshalb ist eine Web Application Firewall integriert, und wir sorgen für regelmäßige Sicherheits-Updates...
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Sogar unsere kleinsten Load Balancer bieten unbegrenzten Throughput...
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Problemloses DEPLOYMENT

Wir pflegen langjährige Partnerschaften mit Microsoft, Amazon und VMware und garantieren voll zertifizierte Lösungen.
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Unsere Support-Techniker sind 24/7 bereit, somit steht Ihnen unser Support 24/7 zur Verfügung - und das schnell & professionell.
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Mit 12,000 Deployments in 74 Ländern in den letzten 14 Jahren können Sie voll auf uns zählen...

Natürlich brauchen Sie einen ADC-Anbieter, der sicherstellt das Applikationen 100% laufen — keine Frage! Aber möchten Sie nicht auch Jemanden, der Ihre potentiellen Probleme versteht, Ihnen Antworten liefert, und darüberhinaus erklärt warum Dies der beste Weg ist? Warum nicht Jemand wählen, dem es wirklich darauf ankommt, das bei Ihnen alles Gut funktioniert?

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Hier einige unserer überzeugten Kunden:

  • stands apart. We’ve been providing business critical internet applications for nearly 20 years and have had gear from all the major, and some not so major, vendors. gear though, you can’t help but love. We’ve used it for over 6 years. It’s rock solid and just works. If for some reason it doesn’t, the support team is unmatched. Malcolm is an app delivery superstar.

    Adam Meixler, InterlinkONE

  • Once again - a home run for LoadBalancer support! - We had to transition from the original LoadBalancer product to the latest LoadBalancer for AWS. As with any upgrade/migration, there were a few issues, that required support. As I have said in previous reviews - these folks GET IT! The support team is professional, responsive and solved our problems. The appliance itself seems bulletproof and has been handling 100% of our web traffic flawlessly for a couple of weeks now. Great to work with, great to use and maintain. Kudos!

    Jeffrey A. Clark, Skidmore college

  • We've been using load balancers from on our high traffic Web application since 2004 - and never had a single failure. The hardware and software has performed flawlessly for over 10 years. It was easy to setup and has been easy to maintain. And the support has been fantastic. I have no reservations recommending this product to anyone who needs a HA load balancer solution.

    Brook Davies, Logi Forms

  • I'm very pleased with the support provides! The customer service has always been very friendly and very helpful in resolving my issues quickly and efficiently. Thank you for such great service!

    Vicky Spence, Katy Independent School District

  • Your support it is awesome! I’ve never worked with any other vendors that had support like yours. Thank you!

    Andrea Anderson, AMNI Petroleum International

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"Wir setzen Appliances von seit mehreren Jahren ein. Der Support reagiert immer super schnell und kompetent. Wir durften als eine der Ersten den Konverter von v6.X nach v7.x testen und einsetzen. Auch hier war die Zusammenarbeit hervorragend."
Clayton Miller, Arinc
" provide an exceptional product that supports our Exchange Cloud platform of in excess of 100,000+ mailboxes and services. As we have grown we have had every confidence that the products provided are capably of supporting our needs. Without doubt with a great product comes exceptional support. The support team are fast, friendly, know the product and always go the extra mile to help. We will always recommend this company, products and its support staff and they can only be classed as 5*. Thank you."
By Mark Ellam - Giacom
"After a long and expensive market wide analysis of as many products as we could locate, including a viability study of an in house "roll-our-own solution, we decided on virtual cluster pair from There are very few products that "just work" and this is one of those. Excellent product and service, worth every penny of the comparatively very low cost. We would never look anywhere else now."
By Mark Cumming - Phoenix
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