Company Overview are a 100% family owned company free from corporate restraints and devoted to providing a truly exceptional customer experience.
When you contact us you are always getting directly in touch with passionate, honest and understanding people who love the freedom they have to always go that extra mile and show you what really sets us apart from the rest.
Malcolm Turnbull - CEO,

Our commitment to absolute honesty is realised by no sales representatives working with any form of commission structure. If a competitor is even slightly better at what you're trying to achieve then we will always tell you straight.

Whilst we don't have many 'policies' one that I'm proud of is to provide free hardware upgrades if you hit performance issues. If any customer reaches the performance limit of their production load balancers then we will upgrade you to a higher model absolutely free-of-charge.

Dealing with is unlike dealing with any other vendor.
Korneel Bullens - Wortell has a great reputation for being honest & flexible with no nonsense and easy to use high performance products. This has enabled strong growth and exceptional traction with networking professionals due to its high quality elegant design and, unusually for a commercial appliance, full root system access.

Since 2002 have been constantly and actively committed to ensuring our core values of honesty and flexibility are upheld. Over the years we have gradually employed like-minded passionate individuals who relish working in such a unique atmosphere.

These days are a global company with passionate sales and support engineers in all corners of the world. We're partnered with Microsoft for various applications - are one of the longest serving VMware Technology Partners - and one of the first dedicated load balancer vendors to offer a cloud based solution for the Amazon EC2 platform.

Despite global expansions and corporate partnerships have always managed to keep our small family feel.

Malcolm Turnbull - CEO
Phone: +1 888.867.9504