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9th June 2016

in Business celebrates 10 year partnership with VMware

Posted by Jake Borman 9th June in Business

Was it really a whole decade ago when we embarked on this scary new venture into the unknown abyss that was virtualization? How things have changed now that we've reached the day of the hoverboard.

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13th May 2009

in Linux

How to upgrade VMware tools on the Enterprise VA

Posted by Malcolm Turnbull 13th May in Linux

UPDATED November 2014 - ALL versions of the appliance come with VMware tools pre-installed by default. These tools enable functions such as controlled OS shutdown, controlled OS restart etc. When installing or updating the tools it's also possible to update various kernel modules and drivers, but this is not recommended by as it can potentially cause issues for the load balancer. Important drivers will be updated as and when necessary via the online or offline software update feature available in the WUI on the appliance.

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