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Microsoft Remote Desktop Services

9th March 2016

in AWS and Azure

Load balancing Microsoft Remote Desktop Services in AWS

Posted by Rob Cooper 9th March in AWS and Azure

We have an increasing number of customers who are using our Enterprise AWS load balancer appliance for load balancing remote desktop services in the AWS cloud.

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15th August 2013

in HAProxy

Open Source Windows service for reporting server load back to HAProxy (load balancer feedback agent).

Posted by Malcolm Turnbull 15th August in HAProxy

In general when you are load balancing a cluster you can evenly spread the connections through the cluster and you get pretty consistent and even load balancing. However with some applications such as RDS (Microsoft Terminal Servers), you can get very high load from just a  few users doing heavy work. The solution to this is to use some kind of server load feedback agent. We've had one of these for a while in our product but now with a lot of help from Simon Horman we've managed to integrate the functionality into the main branch of HAproxy. We thought it would be a good idea to open source our previous work on Ldirectord/LVS, make it compatible with HAProxy, and release our Windows service code as GPL.

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15th March 2013

in HAProxy

Microsoft drops support for mstshash cookies? (embrace and destroy policy?)

Posted by Dave Saunders 15th March in HAProxy

Recently we have seen quite a few customer issues where using RDP cookies (mstshash cookies see - for more details) : RDP_Cookie_Comic_Final1-8inch So we decided to investigate this and find out why........

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27th October 2009

in Microsoft Remote Desktop Services

Load balancing Windows Terminal Server – HAProxy and RDP Cookies or Microsoft Connection Broker

Posted by Andrew Zak 27th October in Microsoft Remote Desktop Services

When you have users depending on Windows Terminal Services for their main desktop, it's a good idea to have more than one Terminal Server. RDP, however, is not an easy protocol to load balance; sessions are long-lived and need to be persistent to a particular server, and users may connect from different source addresses during one session. The current development version of HAProxy has made an important step forward in making this possible. Thanks to work by Exceliance, it now supports RDP Cookies, offering a solution to the persistence problem.

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