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1st March 2017

in Load Balancing

DelftDI Medical Imaging Case Study – Healthcare Industry

Posted by Jake Borman 1st March in Load Balancing

DelftDI recommends Loadbalancer.org for critical medical imaging systems DelftDI, a Canon group company, develops, delivers and maintains radiology and patient imaging systems for hospitals across the globe. For more than ten years, it has been recommending and installing products from Loadbalancer.org to ensure the high availability and performance of these crucial medical applications.

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26th January 2017

in Load Balancing

Do you remember when you could get fired – for not buying F5?

Posted by Malcolm Turnbull 26th January in Load Balancing

You might not be old enough to remember the highly effective marketing campaign from IBM, that implied buying from anyone else would get you fired... However, I just read Kemp Technologies mildly amusing press release about replacing F5, and it got me thinking - Is it time that F5 starts to run a similar campaign?

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5th December 2016

in High Availability

GSLB – Why Global Server Load Balancers Don’t Always Suck? (Polaris-GSLB) Part 2

Posted by Aaron West 5th December in High Availability

In part one we were introduced to Polaris-GSLB which is a cool little open source GSLB solution, we went through a simple use case scenario and discussed the features it supports. In part two of this Blog I’m going to show you how to build Polaris-GSLB on CentOS 7.

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15th November 2016

in High Availability

GSLB – Why Global Server Load Balancers Don’t Always Suck? (Polaris-GSLB)

Posted by Aaron West 15th November in High Availability

There is a lovely open source project on GitHub called Polaris-GSLB, you can find out more about it here : https://github.com/polaris-gslb/polaris-gslb/wiki/Overview It allows us to perform health checks to test availability, define topologies to serve up local results for local clients and perform load balancing of up to 32 endpoints!

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4th August 2016

in Load Balancing

I didn’t realise NTP was so important for Medical Imaging Systems like PACS and VNA

Posted by Aaron West 4th August in Load Balancing

Have you ever looked at the plan for installing a medical imaging system and felt like screaming? I've seen some pretty scary looking network diagrams, sometimes this is because a lot of the kit is running on old standards, but very expensive to replace (think MRI scanners). One of the first things you should do is try and get each member of the team to simplify, simplify, simplify!

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7th July 2016

in Load Balancing

Does your F5 migration need a Jenga consultant?

Posted by Aaron West 7th July in Load Balancing

Look, let’s make this very clear, we love F5, we think they are awesome, the best ADC in the market. But please don’t be surprised when we charge you a fairly large amount for migration consultancy…

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9th March 2016

in AWS and Azure

Load balancing Microsoft Remote Desktop Services in AWS

Posted by Rob Cooper 9th March in AWS and Azure

We have an increasing number of customers who are using our Enterprise AWS load balancer appliance for load balancing remote desktop services in the AWS cloud.

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