28th September 2016

in AWS and Azure

Transparent HAProxy in Azure using TProxy

Posted by Ben Cabot 28th September in AWS and Azure

We all know that the built-in Azure load balancer is perfectly functional, but sometimes you need a proper load balancer. HAProxy is an excellent choice if you need layer 7 functionality, but its a full reverse-proxy, so the application thinks that all of the traffic is coming from HAProxys IP - rather than the clients. So what can you do if the load balanced application needs to know the real clients IP address in Azure?

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5th February 2016

in Linux

Supporting two default gateways on your Loadbalancer with PBR(Policy Based Routing)

Posted by Aaron West 5th February in Linux

Occasionally we get asked questions about supporting multiple default gateways. Customers may have our appliance in two networks, each with it’s own gateway to the internet. Alternatively it may just be a big complex network with multiple routing paths and stateful devices which are fussy about seeing the whole connection so things get dropped.

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1st November 2013

in HAProxy

3 Ways To Send HAProxy Health Check Email Alerts

Posted by Ben Cabot 1st November in HAProxy

To follow up to Aarons blog on HAProxy emails alerts using logwatch I was looking into different ways to achieve the same results. Now the ideal way to monitor the health of the real servers is to to have a dedicated monitoring system in place such as Nagios( It even has a HAProxy plugin). However this is not always an option for some so they require the loadbalancer to send an alert. So I investigated some different options.

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28th August 2013

in AWS and Azure

Load balancing UDP on EC2

Posted by Ben Cabot 28th August in AWS and Azure

I had been tasked with finding a way to load balance UDP on AWS. Normally we would use ipvsadm in at layer 4 DR but because of the limitations in EC2 this is not possible so another method was needed. So this is a short guide on how to get a simple UDP load balancer running. We will be using pen, it is described as a simple tcp load balancer and has been around for a while.

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15th August 2013

in HAProxy

Open Source Windows service for reporting server load back to HAProxy (load balancer feedback agent).

Posted by Malcolm Turnbull 15th August in HAProxy

In general when you are load balancing a cluster you can evenly spread the connections through the cluster and you get pretty consistent and even load balancing. However with some applications such as RDS (Microsoft Terminal Servers), you can get very high load from just a  few users doing heavy work. The solution to this is to use some kind of server load feedback agent. We've had one of these for a while in our product but now with a lot of help from Simon Horman we've managed to integrate the functionality into the main branch (well soon anyway) of HAproxy. We thought it would be a good idea to open source the previous work on Ldirectord/LVS, make it compatible with HAProxy, and release our Windows service code as GPL.

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23rd April 2013

in Linux

Look why can’t you just tell me how many people are connected to the load balancer?

Posted by Malcolm Turnbull 23rd April in Linux

I must confess, at certain times it has looked like open warfare would break out between the support team and development team at over the last few months. One reason being that a major change in v7.5 is that all connection information is now displayed as a graph (rather than a static number). The support team was convinced that customers just wanted a number, a single number , a golden number... The development team was convinced that such a number was illogical irrelevant and meaningless.... It will be very interesting to see what the customers think!

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22nd February 2013

in HAProxy

HAProxy Email Alerts Guide

Posted by Aaron West 22nd February in HAProxy

In this guide I show a very simple solution to get HAProxy email alerts configured using Logwatch. While the first part is aimed at users of our V7 appliance I think anyone wanting to get email alerts for HAProxy will also find this a good example.

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