Loadbalancer.org helps mymovies deliver a secure, reliable video content service to worldwide media organizations

Ian Fraser Case Studies, Broadcast Media, High Availability

Many of the world's leading media and entertainment businesses rely on mymovies to produce and deliver high-quality video content to enhance their film, TV and broadcast products and services. For over five years, mymovies has been using the same, unchanged, fault-free and low-cost load balancing products from Loadbalancer.org to...read more

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Load balancing for broadcast applications - Indestructible media delivery

James Loveday Events, Broadcast Media

Whether archiving, editing or streaming media, downtime is not an option for the broadcast industry. The demand for content is ever increasing and an efficient, scalable workflow for producers, curators and editors is key. Loadbalancer.org facilitates high availability and scalable delivery for broadcast media applications. If you care about...read more

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