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What do you need load balancing for?

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Load Balancing Cloudian HyperStore S3 Object Storage

Cloudian HyperStore solves major storage challenges with the industry’s most compatible Amazon S3 API. Combined with Loadbalancer.org’s expertise in object storage, this allows customers to scale seamlessly through proven hyperscale architecture.

The Loadbalancer.org appliance will distribute network traffic across multiple HyperStore nodes, guaranteeing application uptime and scalable performance. This comes with enterprise-grade application delivery, security and visibility.

Loadbalancer.org complements intelligently designed storage systems, making sure that data isn’t just protected, but accessible at all times. Thanks to our object storage expertise, we can help businesses to meet growing data demands through scalability and interoperability.

How it works

The load balancer sits in front of multiple HyperStore nodes. Four virtual services are used to load balance the different aspects of HyperStore:

  • CMC - for Cloudian Management Console requests
  • S3-HTTP - handles requests from S3 client applications via HTTP.
  • S3-HTTPS - handles requests from S3 client applications via HTTPS.
  • API - handles APO requests via HTTPS.
    • Single site scenario

      In a single site scenario, multiple HyperStore nodes and two load balancers (configured as a high-availability pair) are deployed to ensure redundancy. Clients access the HyperStore nodes via the virtual IP address (VIP)


      Single site scenario

      Multi site scenario

      Under normal conditions, each site works as described in the single site scenario. Should all HyperStore nodes in one site become inaccessible, local client traffic is routed to the virtual IP address presented in the other site.

      External clients can either be bound to a particular site, or to protect against site failure, the load balancer’s built-in global server load balancer (GSLB) can be leveraged to provide intelligent DNS name resolution & site connectivity.


      Multi site scenario

      Why Loadbalancer.org & Cloudian

      Cloudian and Loadbalancer.org both specialize in reducing infrastructure complexity through intelligently designed and infinitely scalable network architecture. Users across many industries - including medical and media - are facing rapid increases in data, with storage demands intensifying as technologies progress.

      The Cloudian and Loadbalancer.org partnership offers an answer to this challenge. Customers can enjoy the benefits of object storage in their own data centers, thanks to indestructible, enterprise, scale-out solutions.

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